Bart Shigeru Uchida

Crawling Venus is a 3 piece sculpture

Page 3   June 17, 2021

photo not from article
found in Liberty Hill Sculpture Symposium Archives

Bart Shigeru Uchida, Who is of Canadian and Japanese dissent, will be one of the sculptors at the International Sculpture Symposium here October 11 through November 30.

Bart was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and refers to himself as being “largely self taught.”  He has worked in various artists’ studios in Canada, France, Italy and Denmark.

For two years, he worked under the influence of Ottawa artist Bruce Garner. At the American Center for artists and students in Paris, he worked with Rumanian sculptress Mara Baska.

photo not from article found in Liberty Hill Sculpture Symposium Archives

This is the third symposium to which he has been invited. The other two were in Japan in 1973 and in Germany in 1974. He was also invited to work in Denmark with Jorgen Hougen Sorenson.

In 1974 Bart was commissioned by the Ontario heritage foundation to do an outdoor sculpture. He is presently the sculptor-in-residence at Dundas Valley School of Art.

His works are represented in these galleries: Wallack Galleries, Ottawa; Galerie Monika Beck, Schwarzenacker, Saar; Galerie Pagani, Milano and Galerie Mark, Milano.

Other galleries and collections containing his work are “Fondazione Pagani d’Arte Moderna,” Legnano, Italy; Outdoor Sculpture Park, Iwateken, Japan; O.J. Firestone Collection of Canadian Artists, Ottawa; Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ottawa; and the city of Homburg, Saar.

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