Mel Fowler

Mel Fowler

A Liberty Hill local artist, Mel Fowler, a painter and sculptor returned from a European International Sculpture Symposium in 1975. Inspired, he endeavored to organize the first symposium of its kind in the southwest. Fowler considered Austin, Texas but an other local of Liberty Hill, James Vaughan convinced him to hold the symposium in Liberty Hill, Texas.  The International Sculpture Symposium took place in the fall of 1976 in celebration of the United States bicentennial.  The small town hosted 25 sculptors from 6 different countries.

Mel Fowler's Libertarian in 1976

Libertarian by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Mel Fowler's San Francescao before it was damaged

Liberty Cat by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Misterio di Vita by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

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  • My aunt has a sculpture with the word “Piccolo” on it and we believe it was made by Tom Piccolo. Do you have any information about him? Thank you.

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