Renato Mari

Faces of the People sculpture in limestone

Renato Mari’s limestone sculpture is located at 355 Loop 332 in Liberty Hill, Texas.


Thursday, October 7 1976

Renato Mari, an Italian sculptor, will spend six weeks in Liberty Hill during the International Sculpture
Symposium to be held October 11 through November 30.

In 1971, Mari first began sculpting. He worked with polystyrene and then marble.  “Polystryrene expanded to realize the models of my sculptures, working this material with particular procedures to obtain effects similar to marble.”

He actually began working with marble in 1973 under the teachings of Alberto Viviani. In 1974 he worked in the studio of Sem Ghelardini. He now has his own studio in Milano.

He has participated in the following exhibitions: 10th Show of International Sculptors in Versilia, Mount of Pasta, Salon de Mai, and Sculptors and Artisans in an Historical Centre.

Others included Salon de la Jeune sculpture, Grand et Jeunes d’ Aujourd’hui, Show of Design and Small Sculpture and 12th Show of Sculpture in Open Air.

In 1974 he held a one-man show of graphics and model of sculptures at the civic Library of Milano, Sarmani Palace in Milano. He also made the symbols for the “Agrodolce Premium” in 1975 and 1976.

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