James Vaughan

Town builders

James Vaughan has delivered mail in Liberty Hill for about 14 years. And he has seen a lot of changes in that time.

 Of the recent gross he says, “I’m tickled to death with a lot of aspects of it, but I don’t want it to be too fast. ”

A native of liberty Hill, James Vaughan played on Liberty Hill’s semi-pro baseball team which was managed by Frank Ford. From there, he went to play professional baseball in the minor leagues for 9 1/2 years.

His baseball career was followed by a 3 1/2 years stent in the army. Then it was time to settle down and he did so with the US Postal Service. His job with the local post office was preceded by 17 years with the Austin Post Office.

If you’re new in liberty Hill you may have wondered what Mr. Vaughan does in the American Legion Hall all the time. He says he mainly piddles. He is restoring a 1937 Chevy convertible in there. He bought the car new in Americus, Georgia and has had it ever since.

His “restoration bug “has also included a player piano and a Missouri Pacific passenger car. The passenger car is mainly his son Jim’s Project.

Presently Mr. Vaughan is the treasurer of the Liberty Hill Cemetery Association and in active member of the Cultural Affairs Council. He was a charter member of the Liberty Hill Volunteer Fire Department and of the reorganized American Legion Post 619.

During the International Sculpture Symposium, he served as a kind of coordinator. The flagpoles were his pet project, but he won the title of the “official home movie maker of the symposium. ”

But all special events aside, Mr. von is best known by Liberty Hill residents age 6 and under. As one local five-year-old put it, “I’m going to see my friend Mr. Vaughan. ”

(The information above was found in a black and white copy of a newspaper clipping but unfortunately the name of the paper and the author/photographer were not present.)

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