Blanco Mujer by Tom Piccolo (U.S.)

Blanco Mujer

Crawling Venus by Bart Shigeru Uchida (Canada)

Evolution No. 2 by Renata Reck (Germany)

Evolution No. 2

Faces of the People by Renato Mari (Italy)

Faces of the People

Fluidity by Harry Noordhoek (Canada and Italy)


Forgotten Ancestors by Jim Thomas (U.S.)

Forgotten Ancestors

Frozen Motion by Dieter Hastenteufel (Canada and Germany)

Frozen Motion

Guardian by Brad Goldberg (U.S.)

Guardian by Brad Goldberg (U.S.)

Images by Duff Browne (U.S.)

Images by Duff Brown (U.S.)

 John's Knot by Tom Sayre (U.S.)

John's Knot

Liberty Cat by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Liberty Cat by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Liberty Couple by Sharon Corgan Leeber (U.S.)

Liberty Couple

Libertarian by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Libertarian by Mel Fowler (U.S.)


Lotus by Mihama Yoshinao (Japan)


Lover's Seats by Masayuki Nagase (Japan)

Lover's Seats

Misterio di Vita by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Misterio di Vita by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Mother's Lap by Copper Rain Ward (U.S.)

Mother's Lap

Night Guardian by Rita Sutcliffe (U.S.)

Night Guardian

Origin by Dolores Cumley (U.S.)

Origin by Dolores Cumley (U.S.)

Phoenix (damaged) by Mary Paige Huey (U.S.)

San Francescao by Mel Fowler (U.S.)

Mel Fowler's San Francescao before it was damaged

Sans Titra by Jean Marmorat (France)

Sans Titra

Space 13 by Arthur Williams (U.S.)

Space 13

Tierra Madre by Nati Escobedo (U.S.)

Tierra Madre by Nati Escobedo (U.S.)

Tirez Moi De La by Jean Paul Philippe (France)

Tirez Moi De La

Untitled (Destroyed by vandalism) by David Eugene Everett (U.S.)

Untitled by T.J. Mabrey (U.S.)


Verdie Vaughan by Dana Smith (U.S.)

Verdie Vaughan

Western Vision by Ann Merck (U.S.)

Western Vision


One thought on “Sculptures

  • wonderful to see the sculptures. i know or have met a couple of the sculptors. i am writing from my 32 symposia,
    in Xian, China. i am very pleased to see the effort to preserve the sculptures-they can’t take care of themselves.
    one way to get more pr might be to host another symposium. i have helped run a couple and given my experience, know very well what makes a good project. this one here, their first, has a bit to learn. if you do
    decide to have another symposium, please keep me on your contact list so i can apply. i have two sculptures in TX: a mirror stainless steel piece in the Amarillo airport and a TX pink granite & st/st outside the White Rock
    Hills Public Library in east Dallas. wish you all success!!! jon

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